8 Jan 2017

Saving Money

These are a few tips when it comes to students saving money:

  1. Try to sign up with your student email at software vendors for free or cheap software. For example, Microsoft gives a one-year free subscription to Microsoft Office (365 online version) free when you register with your student email. RoboForm gives you a one-year license.
  2. Printing can be cheap if you have an HP printer and use the Instant ink® plan, where you pay as little as £3.49 per month for 100 pages of printing per month, with a rollover service available if you have not used all your pages. There are different plans available of course. HP sends out the inks in the mail, along with a recycling plastic envelope to safely dispose of the cartridges. https://instantink.hpconnected.com/subscriptions/4704429585


  1. Hello there,

    I am amazed at your tenacity in writing..., on top of all that studying! Your blog is a good condensed version of the course lessons I suppose.

    I am looking into taking up the LLB course but am a bit unsure whether the programme schedule would be flexible enough or too rigid for me. Would you be able to show me a sample of the W101 module descriptor/programme plan/study timetable? Basically, I want to see the activities , exercises, discussions, assignments, journal entries etc., and deadlines, how they distributed throughout the module's time framework.

    Appreciate it very much if I could have a copy of the guide.

    Thank you in advance.



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